Ilamecca.com is a German start-up company founded by a team of Muslim engineers and academics with diverse industry expertise. The aim is to improve the quality of Hajj and Umrah trips, as well as to enable online reservations for such trips. This is done by providing direct access through our website to various Hajj and Umrah travel agencies.

We offer you a comparison portal for Hajj and Umrah travel, in which you can easily filter according to your individual criteria (e.g.: departure location, about the hotel, distance from Haram, Madina visit, Language of the group leader) and book your trip securely. Feel free to share your personal experience on our site and through other customer reviews you will have the opportunity to get a good impression.

Ilamecca.com offers you a comprehensive electronic guide to the rituals of Hajj and Umrah in the form of simplified illustrations and maps according to the authentic traditions of the Quran and Sunnah. Various tourist sites and historical landmarks in Makka and Madina are also listed.

In order to provide you with all the latest information about the website, we have added a page for Hajj and Umrah news in addition to our newsletter.

Our website is currently available in English, German and Arabic.

Do you have feedback for us or thoughts you would like to share? Then feel free to write us at contact@ilamecca.com.