Performing the great pilgrimage (Hajj), which is unique in a person's life, becomes obligatory for the individual if the following conditions are met. These apply accordingly to the umrah.

1- Islam

Hajj is an obligation only for Muslims. Also, only Muslims are allowed to enter Makkah.

2- Common Sense (Al-'Aql)

Coming of age in Islam is when men have their first ejaculation and women have their first menstrual period. If there is no ejaculation in a man or menstruation in a woman, majority is attained when they reach the age at which they normally occur.

3- Coming of Age (Al-Bulugh)

Ability includes physical as well as financial ability and having a means of transportation as well as a safe means of transportation.

4- Ability to perform the Hajj (Al-Istita'ah)

Hajj is an obligation only for one who is fully sane and of sound mind.

5- Personal Freedom (Al-Hurriyah)
(6- Accompanying a Muslim Mahram: For women only)

According to Islamic regulation, a Mahram for a woman, other than her husband, is considered to be any male relative of full age according to Islamic regulation, of sound mind and trustworthy, who is forbidden to marry her for life according to Islamic legislation. This includes, for example, her father, her brother, her son, her mother's husband, her mother's husband's son, etc.